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AS&C is a Brussels-based consultancy specialised on aviation. It has a dense network of contacts to decision-makers in the EU-institutions, EU aviation agencies, government representations in Brussels, aviation associations, NGOs, and individual companies.

These contacts were established in the course of 20 years by AS&C’s Managing Director, Ulrich Schulte-Strathaus. Ulrich had held diverse functions within Lufthansa’s senior management before he was appointed the Secretary General of the Brussels-based Association of European Airlines, a post he held for 10 years before founding his own consultancy.

AS&C has worked for national governments both within the EU, and internationally; AS&C has also worked on projects for the EU Commission, Eurocontrol, EASA, airlines and airports.

AS&C is specialised on Competition Law, State Aids, International Air Law, Regulatory Affairs and Sustainability.

AS&C has 3 full-time staff members, offices in walking distance from the EU institutions and governmental Permanent Representatives, and co-operates with law firms and consultancies to the degree necessary to deliver the services required by the client.


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AS&C is result-oriented. Together with its client, AS&C identifies the objectives of the service, develops an action plan to achieve these objectives, and, together with its client, monitors the progress of the projects, ideally on the basis of measurable intermediate steps or milestones.

The service range

About us

Ulrich Schulte-Strathaus

Managing Director, lawyer by training. From 2002-2012 Secretary General of the Brussels-based Association of European Airlines. From 1981-2002 he held functions at Lufthansa German Airlines in the fields of HR, Marketing, Regulatory Affairs. From 1992-2002 he was Lufthansa’s Vice President for International Relations.

Since 2002, Ulrich has established a wide network of contacts within the aviation community, and within the EU institutions. He has published numerus studies and articles on aviation-specific issues.

Nathalie Mulleners

General Manager Marketing & Management. From 1988-2013, Nathalie held numerous positions at the Brussels-based Association of European Airlines. Organised the annual Assemblies of CEOs, regular flow of publications; from 2008-2013 as General Manager Marketing and Administration responsible for marketing of the association, negotiated contracts with sponsors.

Nathalie monitors aviation-specific developments, publishes the AS&C Newsletter, researches background material on specific files of importance to clients, and manages relationship with AS&C’s services providers.

Maximilian Huemer

Legal Affairs Associate. Graduating in Finland with Masters in Law in Spring 2019. As Intern since 2017, Max has provided detailed legal analyses in all areas of competence of AS&C. Max has a legal background in European and Comparative Law. He is also engaged in a research group at the University of Helsinki focusing on the role of transport in sustainable development. Max’s expertise in areas which are of key interest for the current clients of AS&C has proven invaluable.


State Aids

Three EU airlines sought assistance from AS&C in securing approval from DG COMP for state aids which they had received from their respective governments. In all three cases, AS&C represented the airlines in Brussels vis-à-vis the Commission.

In one case, AS&C developed a market analysis to substantiate the positive perspectives of the airline, created an airline-internal project, co-ordinated the communication with its government, the media and the EU Commission, and briefed government and airline representatives on the formal procedural requirements and assisted in preparing the content of the presentations required from them.

In the second case, AS&C identified the weaknesses of the Commission’s analysis of the case, developed a communications strategy to enable the airline’s management to establish the appropriate factually substantiated argumentation and secured the required political understanding of the case within the Commission’s services.

In the third case, AS&C fine-tuned the legal reasoning which had been developed by the airline so that it fulfilled all requirements of the State Aid Guidelines, co-ordinated the necessary steps with the governmental Permanent Representative and implemented a communications strategy.

In all cases, AS&C contributed to the successful outcome of the State Aid application.

AS&C advised an EU airline, which had filed a complaint against state aids granted to an airport, on the applicable regulatory provisions; in this context, AS&C informed several Directorates of the European Commission about the economic, political and commercial ramifications of the case.


On behalf of a Commission Director General, AS&C established an international network of contacts between NGOs, airlines, governmental agencies and international associations to foster an understanding of the rational of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme for airlines.

Ulrich Schulte-Strathaus is a member of the Performance Review Body, an independent advisory body of the EU Commission on questions related to the Single European Sky Performance Scheme; as such he monitors issues pertaining to the Key Performance Areas Environment and Safety.

International Aviation Relations

On behalf of an airline group, AS&C developed a project structure for the Group to enable synergies between the executives working on regulatory affairs at national, regional and international level. It developed a communications plan to orchestrate key messages to the policy drivers in governments.

AS&C delivered a one-week seminar on negotiations of international air service agreements to the services of the Director General of Civil Aviation of a non-EU country.

AS&C gave a sequence of presentations to airline executives of an airline group on international aviation law.

AS&C contributed to a strategy analysis on the changes required to the international regulatory framework for aviation in view of the structural market changes, which was the basis of an Opinion of the European Economic and Social Affairs Committee, and which a client will inject into discussions within Working Groups currently preparing the agenda of the forthcoming ICAO General Assembly.

AS&C monitored the political developments leading to Brexit, and their consequences for international aviation relations and the continued implementation of EU safety standards, for a non-EU pilot association.

AS&C developed a legal analysis on the need for modifications of the statutes of a leading EU airline group in view of the EU provisions on ownership and control of airlines.

Air Traffic Management

The Managing Director of AS&C is member of the Performance Review Body, an advisory body of the European Commission on the Single European Sky project. Prior to this nomination, AS&C worked for a European aviation agency on projects related to further efficiency gains.

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